Rosso Emerald Crimson

The art of breaking taboos

Rosso is an Italian fine art painter, living and working in London. Her body of work is composed of classical portraiture and more accomplished figurative paintings with a stronger and engaging narrative, mostly developed around certain aspects of the human condition.

Through portraiture and self-portraiture in particular, she explores and addresses feelings and taboos related to gender identity, sexuality, beauty, relationships, motherhood, or the simple politics of the everyday life.

While deeply fascinated by classicism, Rosso attempts to depart from the mere representational approach by introducing elements derived from various sources such as street art, the carnival tradition, and what she describes as ’urban folklore’; a quirky fusion of vintage motifs and contemporary (Western) lifestyle.

Rosso was born in 1978 in Sicily, where she lived until moving to London in 2004. Growing up in an island, and within the context of a country with a very strong cultural identity and a vast historical heritage, definitely left an imprint on both her personal and creative life.

One of the main themes in Rosso’s art aims to expose the abuse and misappropriation of a culture that is dominated by the distorted and monolithic male ideas of female beauty and gender identity. Two clear examples of this motif are her pieces “Madame Moustache” and “Reflections (on the self)”; both very provocative and defiant assertions of a regained femininity.

"Madame Moustache". Oil and human hair on linen - 120 x 100 x 5 cm
"Reflections (on the self)". Oil on canvas - 100 x 72 x 4 cm

Primarily self-taught, Rosso took up art in her 30s after having worked for years in the advertising and marketing industry. In 2016 she decided to devote herself to painting full time, and she’s been awarded two prizes since then: the Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards 2016, and the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2017. She’s also been shortlisted for several competitions and has exhibited her work at venues such as Mall Galleries, The Strand, Bloomsbury, as well as with Zebra One Gallery and The Underdog Gallery in London.

In 2018 Rosso was selected to participate in the popular TV series “Sky Portrait Artist of the year 2019”, which will be broadcast next 19th March 2019, from 8 to 9 pm on the Sky Art channel.

Más de Rosso Emerald Crimson

Más de Rosso Emerald Crimson